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Prioritize 3 T’s for growth

  • SIMA
- Posted: October 1, 2015

By Garrett Smith

This year’s State of the Industry revealed some interesting statistics, especially when it came to the size of companies in our industry.

According to the report, the majority of companies reported pulling in less than $100,000 last year, with fewer than 20% generating more than $1 million in snow-related business.

What’s the difference between them? Besides the obvious factors like business age and geographic location, there are three areas that owners of growing companies have learned to focus their efforts:

High-quality talent is the lifeblood of successful businesses; the more you have pumping through yours, the faster and further you’ll go. When you take a close look, you find that the most successful businesses focus on recruiting, hiring and retaining the best possible talent available to them. This means they’re constantly on the lookout for new talent to add through consistent “always hiring” efforts and networking. They’re also mindful of retaining the talent that they painstakingly acquire by fostering great work environments, which serves as a testament to the level of respect shared between business owner and employee.

Technology is the key to more effective and efficient operations. This means staying ahead of the competition by implementing and leveraging the latest CRM, fleet tracking and service management tools. Smart businesses realize that to stay ahead and continually grow, they have to familiarize themselves with the technology that enables their people to execute at a high level and to delight customers through an improved experience. 

An area in which many businesses tend to drop the ball is in training programs. Training is an insurance policy that a snow and ice management company can ill afford to neglect. The most successful businesses are investing in professional certifications, development and training to ensure their team is performing at its absolute best. Consistent skills improvement and targeted training programs enable personnel to achieve professional growth goals and prepare them for the stringent demands that today’s business world brings.

Garrett Smith is founder of Pitch + Pivot and owner of WNY Snow Removal in Orchard Park, NY. Contact him at

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