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Time to renew snow contracts

  • SIMA
- Posted: May 7, 2015
By Phil Harwood, CSP

Wouldn’t it be great if every customer renewed their contracts as the winter comes to a close without putting their work out to bid? Just think if you had all of your renewals handled by the end of May. How would that change things for you? Would you spend less time chasing renewals all summer and fall? Would you be freed up to spend more time on obtaining new work? Would you have more confidence with buying new equipment or hiring additional staff? Would your bottom line improve?

I think we can all agree that renewing snow contracts in the spring would be beneficial. Even if only a small percentage of customers actually signed their renewal contracts in the spring, wouldn’t you rather have the renewal contracts in your customers’ hands and not yours? And wouldn’t you rather have a few renewals in the spring versus none?

Of course, there are challenges with getting snow renewals out in the spring. One of these is often the urgency to get renewals out for spring and summer work. What if these renewals went out in the fall? Wouldn’t that be a smarter move? Why not get out ahead of the process and educate your customers about the benefits of renewing at the end of the season?

Increasingly, leading-edge snow & ice pros are renewing contracts in the spring. Why not join them?
Now go forth.

Phil Harwood is a managing partner of Pro-Motion Consulting, Inc., a SIMA supplier member.
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