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Prepare for snow removal site damage now

  • SIMA
- Posted: May 1, 2015

Summer is around the corner, and all that damage that snow caused should be repaired on your sites by now, right? Either way, take some time now to highlight the cause of damage on your customers’ sites while it’s fresh in your mind:

  • Organize information: Review any property damage from any incidents and categorize them, such as:
    • Human error or fatigue (backed into a light pole)
    • Equipment failure (trip edge breaks)
    • Operational technique (pushing snow up over the curbs)
    • Visibility (weather related, lack of staking)
    • Site-specific (manhole cover not flush with surface)
    • Chemical (grass burn or shrubs impacted by deicing materials)
  • Assess for patterns: Review any incidents that might have occurred – were they specific to one site or one operator? What could have been easily avoided?
  • Manage your risk: Ensure that you follow up with your insurance company regarding property damage that may impact your policy and communicate to them how you will mitigate that risk moving forward.
  • Teachable moments: Incorporate any technique or employee-related changes due to property damage into your training program, so that you can refresh crews pre-season this fall to avoid making the same mistakes again.
  • Communicate: Once you have organized your property damage policies and processes, communicate with key clients impacted by damage this season so that they know you are responsive to their needs and respectful of their property.
  • Think and train proactively: Create an in-season plan for training on how to communicate and manage property damage that may occur.

Property damage can make or break a relationship. Being proactive vs. reactive can make all the difference.

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