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Building on your strengths

- Posted: June 30, 2014
By Leslie Boomer

It’s interesting to consider the differences in how people approach what they do. For example, I was talking with someone about his career in sales and learned that his focus is all on strategy. This guy is super sharp and he has experienced his best success through carefully crafting detailed plans for every sales call. He anticipates the possible outcomes of each call and then plans options to suit each potential outcome. He walks into a call ready and able to answer any question or handle any situation with a thorough strategic plan of action.

In comparison, I heard a woman talking about her up-and-coming career. It is built on her ability to think forward, expand on an idea, and take what seems to be a challenge and turn it into an exciting pathway to growth. Her approach to sales is very different from the other guy I was talking with. Her approach is much more about being ready to innovate on the spot than strategically planning in advance.

A third scenario is one that I relate to because I found sales success through forging strong connections with prospective clients. For me, building relationships through authentic caring and concern for the needs of the client is an important key to generating trust. Taking time to get to know and understand a person over time – first professionally, then personally – allows trust to grow into loyalty that is mutual and lasting.

There are three people with three effective yet different approaches to achieve the same end goal of successful sales. Each person has his or her own unique approach and style. End results are comparable, but achieved in differing ways as each individual focuses on using his or her specific set of talents and strengths.

Why is recognizing the differences in how we do what we do important? Whether it’s individual or team performance, it’s critical to understand how each person will reach a goal most efficiently. People perform with maximum effectiveness and satisfaction when they utilize their innate talent and strength. If the management focus is more on compliance to a particular process than excellence in product, that one-size-fits-all standard will cause some people to produce less than excellent results, and likely be miserable at the same time.

The very best companies help their people discover their full potential by allowing them to develop their natural abilities. People who know how to leverage their natural talent and strength are not only more successful, they are also happier and more often committed to the success of the company they work for.

It is true for individuals, teams and organizations alike – building on strength is the most reliable road to excellence in whatever you do. So do what you love and love what you do by building on your strengths!

Leslie Boomer is a Certified Executive Coach & Gallup-Trained StrengthsFinder® Coach with Pro-Motion Consulting.
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