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Basic safety items for snow removal

  • SIMA
- Posted: October 29, 2013
Safety plays an important role in the snow and ice industry, whether it is dealing with equipment, dangerous weather, or proper techniques for shoveling. While major safety concerns can sometimes take precedence, there are still important basics that anyone plowing snow should remember. Making sure you have important items in your truck at all times and keeping in mind a few other basics while plowing will help keep you and the public safe in winter weather emergencies.
Basic personal protective equipment: Proper undergarments for layering, water-resistant/proof jacket and outerwear, multiple gloves/hats in case they become wet, different types of gloves for different functions (general warmth, chemical handling, working on equipment, etc.), waterproof and warm foot gear, reflective outerwear either incorporated into waterproof jacket or safety vest.

Basic items to keep on hand: Snacks/water, phone/charger, ear plugs, extra clothing, extra boots, hats, gloves, etc.

Safety equipment for emergencies: fire extinguisher, small tool kit, tow strap, flashlight with fresh batteries, ice scraper, spare fuses, lock de-icer, flares, first aid kit, highway cones, extra washer fluid, heavy duty jumper cables, a long handle flat edged shovel, fuel line additive, and sand or salt. If you drive a CDL rated truck, check with your local motor vehicle department for your state’s specific requirements on what to carry in your truck.

Spare parts for repairs: wiper blades, extra plow pins, cotter pins, hydraulic fluid, hydraulic hoses, and a solenoid, as well as an extra belt for a direct hydraulic system.
Safety basics are an important part of being prepared for a variety of emergencies that can come up while plowing. Having the above items in trucks at all times and remembering basic safety tips will save time and allow drivers to be proactive when unexpected situations come up.
This article was created during Snow Safety Week.
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