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GPS Fleet Consulting
Contact Information:
Corey Fongemie

GPS Fleet Consulting logoMembers only discount: $24.99/month per unit (TURN BY TURN tracking, includes hardware, monthly service, & lifetime warranty on hardware)

Our philosophy proves that a GPS fleet tracking solution is only effective if implemented and managed correctly. We take our knowledge and understanding of day to day business operations and offer real world solutions specifically tailored to your business. Some of our clients say that we go against industry norms because we do not require long term contracts. In our minds, this makes us fully vested in ensuring the program is a success for your business.

Benefits of GPS include:

  • Reduce operating expenses
  • Contain fuel costs
  • Improve worker performance and compliance
  • Track start/stop times through visibility into driver routes and time stamps for entering or exiting a job site
  • Influence driver performance
  • Enhance customer service