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Member Peer Groups

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Member Peer Groups  

SIMA invites your company to be a part of a Member Peer Group. Each group is comprised of 6 to 8 members who are committed to learning from each other about how to become more successful and profitable in their snow businesses. Groups are professionally facilitated and sponsored by a snow industry supplier, bringing valuable experience and insight to the group. Each group is self-governed so that the members of the group determine the format, timing, and location of meetings.

Discussion topics may include equipment selection and usage, business models, operations, snow industry best practices, labor trends, staffing/recruiting, competition, market dynamics, economic trends, technologies and more. Where one company may struggle, another may thrive. Members walk away from these meetings with action items to help resolve issues affecting their businesses and are able to report progress of change in future meetings.

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Application Process and Group Formation

  • Applications are accepted at any time. However, there is an application deadline of June 1 each year to be able to be placed into a group prior to Symposium.

  • Once your application is received, you will be promptly contacted by our facilitator to learn more about how best to integrate into an existing group or be part of a new group, taking into consideration geographic location and other factors to avoid overlapping competition and to ensure all members are comfortable.  

  • Groups will have a minimum of six (6) and maximum of eight (8) participants. Existing groups unable to maintain the minimum of six will be disbanded. New groups must have a minimum of six members to form.

  • Group members must be CEOs, owners, and/or executive level management of snow & ice management companies in non-competing markets.

  • All peer group members are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement in order to ensure that proprietary company information remains strictly confidential and exclusive to group activity

Phil Harwood, CSP, is a Managing Partner of Pro-Motion Consulting, Inc. and GrowTheBench, LLC. With over 30 years of experience in the snow/landscape industry, he has dedicated himself and his companies to developing high-performing people, teams, and organizations.


Grant Harrison has been in the landscape industry since he was 15 years old. He has shoveled snow, planted trees, built decks, laid interlock stone, built retaining walls, cut grass and dug post holes. He knows the technical side of the industry.

He then managed field production staff, quality control, hiring and firing, and customer care. He knows the operational side of the industry.

Grant opened his own landscape design/build business. He dealt with the burden of cash flow, staff management, customer expectations, growing pains, lack of support, balancing working in the business with working on the business and trying to balance family life in the midst of it all. He knows the business ownership side of the industry. Personally.

Most recently, he has worked in both franchise and branch systems. Grant has been instrumental in building structure, processes, accountability, and standardization to help these businesses grow leaner, stronger and more profitable. He knows the support side of the industry. 

Grant is convinced that creating a strong team, knowing your numbers and establishing a network of support is foundational to business growth and personal success. He is a believer in constantly learning, asking questions and using technology. He has a passion to see business owners and their staff experience success and satisfaction in the industry that he knows and loves.


All meetings are professionally facilitated by Phil Harwood, CSP of GrowTheBench. While each group is unique and will determine the number of meetings, format, location, and timing, we have developed a recommended program as a starting point, along with an associated level of investment:  

  • Two (2) in-person meetings per year. The typical format for these meetings is to have dinner the first day, a full day of meetings and dinner the second day, and a morning meeting the third day. Meetings may be held at a member’s location or at one of the sponsor’s location.

  • Two (2) virtual meetings per year via phone conference, GoToMeeting, Google Hangout, etc.

  • In addition, group members interact through the group’s private Facebook page and other social media, emails, and ad-hoc phone calls or one-on-one visits throughout the year.

Fees and Next Steps

  • $2495 per member company, per year

  • Includes facilitation and administration of program

  • Includes meals at in-person meeting (Travel/lodging not included)

  • If group decides to add an additional face-to-face facilitated meeting additional costs may apply

  • Payment due once group is assigned

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New peer groups will start periodically throughout the year as interest is generated.  
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