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ASM Certificate Program Policies

SIMA Advanced Snow Management (ASM) Program Policies

Privacy, Terms for Disclosure, and Opt-out Form, Cancellation/Substitution, ADA Policy & Special Requests, Commercial Support Disclosure, Certificate Holder Guidelines

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Privacy, Terms for Disclosure, and Website Opt-out

SIMA shall safeguard the privacy of individuals, where applicable, and shall hold in confidence and in a secure manner the information obtained in the course of certificate program activities at all levels of the organization, including those of the Stakeholder Advisory Group, instructors, and other subcontractors acting on its behalf. Except as required in this management plan, information about a particular individual shall not be disclosed to a third party by SIMA personnel (paid, volunteer or subcontractor) without the written consent of the individual. Where the law requires information to be disclosed to a third party, the individual shall be notified of the information provided.

Verification of an individual’s certificate status is available electronically at A list of individuals who have earned certificates is also published in Snow Business magazine. Individuals who do not wish to be listed on the web page or in Snow Business magazine may opt-out by completing the ASM Certificate Opt-out form here, and will not be included on the list. Only an indication of whether an individual has a valid certificate or not and that certificate’s certificate term shall be provided; the status of in-progress or unsuccessful participants is not disclosed.

Cancellations & Substitutions

In accordance with SIMA's Payment Policy for Events & Merchandise, cancellations and refunds for Advanced Snow Management courses/group discounts are as follows:
  • Once a certificate course is added to an individual's Training Center classroom, no refunds are permitted unless authorized by SIMA's CEO or COO.
  • Any requests for group discount refunds must be authorized by SIMA's CEO or COO, and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. For group discounts, any refunds of specific courses are subject to an adjustment if the level of purchase falls to a lower tier pricing category.
  • Courses that have not been completed or submitted for credit can be transferred to another individual's classroom with the approval of both parties. Courses that have been submitted for credit cannot be transferred.

Please contact SIMA's COO for questions regarding cancellations or substitutions.

ADA Policy & Special Requests

Reasonable accommodations for testing shall be provided at no cost to candidates with special medical needs covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act who submit a written explanation of their needs, along with appropriate medical documentation. SIMA may submit information regarding the stated disability and requested accommodation to its own expert advisers and reserves the right to provide only those reasonable accommodations as required by law. 

Please click the links below to download special request forms:
Disability Accomodations Request Form
Documentation of Disability-related Needs

Please forward special requests to SIMA's COO at

Commercial Support & Disclosure

SIMA shall not accept commercial support of its certificate program activities if such acceptance would, or would appear to: (1) create an atmosphere limiting the free exchange of ideas and information; (2) introduce bias or otherwise threaten objectivity; or (3) create a conflict of interest.

When funding is accepted from external sources, that funding shall be disclosed to potential participants prior to course registration.

Certificate Holder Guidelines

SIMA's Advanced Snow Management program contains 4 courses - Core Principles, Plowing Operations, Sidewalk Operations, and Ice Management. Certificates of training are issued to individuals meeting the program requirements, including passing the assessments for each course. Certificates are non-transferable. It is not a professional certification or licensing program. Certificate holders are not certified or licensed.

  • Certificates are for individuals only, and are non-transferable to other individuals/entities.
  • When a certificate holder is referring to their earned certificate in written text or verbally, the following phrases are appropriate:
    - Certificate Holder, SIMA <INSERT COURSE NAME>
    - Certificate of Training, SIMA <INSERT COURSE NAME>
  • It is not appropriate to refer to yourself as certified or licensed, as in the following:    
    - Certified, SIMA <INSERT COURSE NAME>
  • Your company cannot claim that it is 'certified' or has 'certified staff' related to this certificate.
  • You cannot indicate that you are an Advanced Snow Manager (ASM) until you successfully complete all 4 Certificate courses. If you are pursuing the full ASM designation, you can only claim ASM status once you have received your ASM card.