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SIMA Awards


Every business has those clutch employees who hold it all together: the one who never cracks under pressure and who gets the job done when it counts. Now it’s time to prove to your employee how important he or she is to your business!

We developed this award to allow you the chance to recognize an individual who displays excellence at work, provides leadership, or stands as an example for the industry. Only one individual will receive this award.

The Employee of the Year will be kept confidential until announced at the Snow & Ice Industry Awards Night on June 28, 2018 during the 21st Annual Snow & Ice Symposium in Cleveland, OH . 

This award is for employees - not for business owners (“owner” defined as corporate officers and majority stockholders of corporations, partners, or sole proprietors).

Deadline: April 25, 2018

Applications submitted after 5pm CST will NOT be accepted.

Selection Criteria

Applicants for this prestigious award will be judged on the basis of demonstrated success in the three competencies identified by the SIMA Awards Task Force:
  • Benefit to employer
  • Customer Service/Ethics
  • Commitment

Selection Process and Requirements

Complete the nomination form and responses and submit it to the panel of judges who will decide the Employee of the Year. The judges will consider the overall contribution of the employee to his/her organization and to the industry as a whole.  

The application includes a nomination form and question responses, upload of employee head-shot and $25 application fee.

NOTE: Any company who has a judge in this panel is not eligible for any nominations.


Direct all questions to Stephanie Orvis by calling 262-236-9948 or emailing

Thanks to our 2018 Snow & Ice Industry Awards Night Sponsor:

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