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Standing up for snow

As regulatory and legislative issues grow in importance to SIMA members, we have developed a legislative position statement through our Advocacy Task Force. We are taking these issues to our Congressional representatives and eventually to the Canadian government, in order for snow and ice contractors to have a voice at the highest levels of the government in North America.

Position Statement & Key Issues

As small business owners who work during times of severe winter weather, there are potentially many legislative and regulatory issues that affect SIMA members. Through SIMA’s Advocacy Task
Force, an annual survey of members, and continuous dialogue and interaction with our members, the following issues are of the greatest importance to our members:
  1. Labor and Workforce Development
  2. Shared Liability & Access to Insurance
  3. Health Insurance for Small Employers
  4. Snow and Ice Melt Products Use for Safety and its Effect on the Environment

Download SIMA's full legislative position statement here

Impact of Snow Awareness campaign
 Impact of snow

SIMA’s advocacy doesn’t end on the government side. For the past two years, we have engaged in a comprehensive effort to educate the public through our “The Impact of Snow” campaign. This effort delivered the following results:

  • 12 million+ people exposed to campaign messaging via 60+ media placements (web, TV, radio, print). 
  • The Weather Channel – 3 live TV interviews featuring SIMA and tips related to safe winter walking and snow shoveling.
  • The Wall Street Journal – 2 print articles on the snow and ice industry, plus an additional 10+ placements in regional and national print publications.
  • Social Media – 30% increase in traffic to SIMA’s Facebook page via followers.

Advocacy Task Force & How to help

Special thanks to these Advocacy Task Force members:

  • Scott Zorno, CSP – Care Enterprises
  • Maggie Downer, CSP – Northwest Snow Removal, Inc.
  • Eric Brand, CSP – P & L Landscaping LLC
  • Greg Scharf, CSP – Greg’s Lawn & Landscaping, Inc.
  • Brent Reeder – Brent’s Outdoor Solutions
  • Robert Young – K.E.Y. Property Services, Inc.
  • Sean Rogers – 6 Reasons Lawn Care
  • Steve Grover – MKR Property Services
  • Tom Munch – Meadowland Contracting
  • Tom Wright – Mohonk Mountain House
  • James Mulcahy – Shamrock Investments, Inc.
  • James Fain – Handyman Hotline, Inc.

How to Help SIMA Advocacy Efforts
Interested in helping SIMA with our advocacy efforts? We would welcome your participation. Please contact Martin Tirado, CAE, SIMA CEO at 414-375-1940 or