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2022 Compass Network Lineup



Planning for Course Corrections 

Rick Kier, CSP, Forge Ahead Consulting

Using real-life snow and ice examples, Rick and attendees will dissect the winter season and share ways to improve on setbacks by identifying the need for policy or process changes, training reinforcement or shifting team members to different roles for greater success.

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MAY 19

Sales Jam

Jack Jostes, Ramblin Jackson

Tired of “losing on price?” Still selling like you did in 2005, but it’s not working anymore? Dial in your sales process to learn proven tactics to shorten your sales cycle, increase your close rate, and stand out as THE snow and ice contractor for your “Hell Yes Customers.”

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Business Process Efficiencies

Steve Steele, Bruce Wilson & Company

This session will focus on operations, administration and technology. We’ll talk estimating, proposal generation, labor and financial cost controls, invoicing, accounting practices and the critical role that good systems can play in providing critical information in areas such as job and client profitability, financial reporting and crew productivity.

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Empower Your Team with Effective Leadership Skills

Laurie Brown, Laurie Brown Communications

Identify team members who have high potential or are new to leadership for attendance at this session, which will focus on developing communication, motivation and time management skills. These important soft skills are often overlooked and without them can set up outstanding employees for failure.

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Grow Confidently using the Rockefeller Habits

Joe Kiedinger, Prophit Inc.

Utilizing the tenets of habits developed by business magnate John D. Rockefeller, Joe will hone in on how companies can scale their business by focusing on clear vision and strategy, detailed process and accountability. Presented in an easy to follow path that will get you, and your team, off and running toward your clear objectives.

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What’s new for 2022?

  • Shorter time commitment. Each event will be 2 to 3 hours. 
  • New time. All sessions will begin at 2 pm EST so you can better plan your work day. 
  • More interaction. Each session includes roundtable/workshopping time with speakers providing resources and exercises for participants to work together.
  • New platform. All sessions will be hosted on Zoom.


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