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SIMA Best Practices Guidelines

by Ellen Lobello | Nov 07, 2017
As a non-profit trade association, we value creating best practices guidelines that are easily accessed, adopted and shared, and managed and improved over time. SIMA currently has 5 Best Practices Guidelines available, free for anyone in the industry to download at
  • Best Practices Checklist: This tool can be used by anyone who is seeking to hire snow & ice management services, and by snow removal contractors themselves, to assess the various attributes that make up a professional, quality snow management operation.
  • Snow & Ice Management Standard Glossary of Terms: The glossary is a general reference designed to help all industry stakeholders communicate more effectively. It defines key terms used in the procuring, selling, planning, implementing, and legal defense of professional snow & ice management services in North America.
  • Best Practices in Snow Service Procurement: This 52-week visual timeline was created to help facilities and property managers, snow service providers, and snow industry suppliers align on a general schedule to streamline the RFP and contract negotiation process to ensure sites are ready before winter begins.
  • Best Practices for Sustainable Salt Use: This guideline serves as an informal audit of any site, company, or organization that utilizes salts to deice or anti-ice. It provides a set of policies and activities that can reduce salt output, with the goal of increasing the training, knowledge, and skill of the organization.
  • Quality RFP Creation and Best Practices: Knowing how to describe your service requirements in a snow and ice management RFP can be difficult due to variable winter weather. This document organizes the service procurement process to aid in the creation of RFPs, contracts, and monitoring procedures.