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The commercial snow and ice industry now has a 501(c)(3) charitable organization focused on helping grow opportunities for workforce development, new advancements in science and research, and enhanced public awareness.

Our Purpose

  1. Providing scholarships and training for activities that attract, develop and retain professionals in the snow and ice management service industry.
  3. Conducting research and benchmarking studies on issues impacting industry stakeholders.
  5. Increasing public and stakeholder awareness on the value of snow and ice management services and their role in risk management and public safety. The SIMA Foundation is an affiliate of the Snow & Ice Management Association.


How to Help the SIMA Foundation Efforts
Interested in donating to the Foundation? Please fill out a form provided below and email to or mail to:

SIMA Foundation
10140 N Port Washington Rd
Mequon WI 53217

Meet our Board of Directors

  • Debora Babin Katz (Chair) - TrucBrush
  • Paul Vanderzon, ASM - Metal Pless, Inc.
  • Mike Mason, CSP - The Lawn Pro
  • Jim Hornung Jr., CSP - Elbers Landscape Service, Inc.
  • Mark Adamson- Douglas Dynamics
  • Jeff Heller, CSP - Innovative Maintenance Solutions
  • Herm Witte - Witte Lawn Maintenance, Inc.

Thanks to our Founding Gold Donors

Douglas Dynamics