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Safe Holiday Shopping

Safe holiday shopping 

SIMA has these tips on how to stay safe when holiday shopping in winter weather:

  • Stay warm and dry. If you are going to be waiting in line for a store to open, make sure you are dressed warmly. Layer up and if it's still snowing or sleeting, add a waterproof outside layer to keep you dry. Most importantly, wear flat shoes that provide good traction when walking in snow and ice.
  • Protect the goods. Once you score a bargain on your new flat screen TV, think about how to move it safely to your car. The extra weight of your TV, other packages or even carrying a small child will alter your center of gravity and affect your balance--potentially leading to a fall. Be especially careful when transferring your weight from the sidewalk to the curb. Protect not just the goods you buy, but also yourself.
  • A la carte. If you get so many great deals that you need a shopping cart to move the purchases into your car, be extremely careful of the snow and ice on sidewalks and parking lots.  Push and lift the shopping cart as needed but be careful of the ice and snow on the ground. Be aware of moving vehicles including snow plows as well as other pedestrians around you.
  • The hazards of sidewalks. It is so easy to be distracted on Black Friday thinking about what you want to buy. But keep your mind on the immediate task at hand--getting from your car into the store.  Be particularly careful at the store entrance since it may be crowded with shoppers. Also pay special attention to sidewalks where water can drip and freeze quickly on cold surfaces.
  • Navigating night shopping. If you are waiting in line before the sun comes up or shopping at night, keep in mind that as temperatures drop due to less sun, pavement temperatures can drop too, causing ice. Be careful when walking at night or at sunrise on surfaces that might be frozen.