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Impact of Snow

Snow matters...

Walk safe image
Impact of snow
Impact of snow image
Safe winter play - kids

In 2012-2013 SIMA launched the first-ever national awareness campaign for the private snow and ice management industry. Building on major successes from last year, the association once again spearheaded a campaign during the 2013-2014 winter season.

The Impact of Snow campaign delivered as strongly as the year prior. The association refined its messaging and created new, helpful press releases for the media to take to the public, ranging from safety, to awareness, to the power of winter as a whole. The winter didn’t let anyone down this year, and the industry was ready.

Even by the smallest measure, SIMA messaging got out to millions of people across the US and Canada. The most popular messages that reached the most people were tips for safe winter walking and safety tips before going out in a storm. 

SIMA will continue its PR efforts on behalf of the membership and industry at large.