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Membership for Suppliers

SIMA membership

SIMA membership provides a simple, affordable way to invest in the success of the snow and ice industry. SIMA is a trade association—the only one for snow & ice professionals.

The advocacy, education, and training work that SIMA does benefits individuals, individual companies, and the customers the industry serves. Membership in SIMA is the easiest way to showcase your support.

Are there direct benefits of membership for suppliers?

Yes. There are big direct benefits to membership for suppliers, as well as manufacturers, service providers and other organizations that support and work with the snow and ice industry.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Access to reach and connect with members
  • Peer networking—great for problem-solving, and finding collaboration opportunities
  • Special promotional opportunities for SIMA events and Snow Business Magazine
  • Direct-to-member promotional opportunities

Who is eligible?

Those who are not directly involved in providing snow and ice management services to consumers qualify for membership as suppliers. It still includes the industry-specific, turn-key business operations tools and resources our members have long counted on. In addition, there are new information resources, like articles and research in the Library at

Plus access to training, exclusive articles, information and more

The Library

Through The Library at, SIMA can now share articles with members online. You'll see them when you log in to your account. They include:

  • Business operations tools like template contracts
  • Great savings offers from a wide variety of sources

All this, plus the benfits of joining the strongest network of industry professionals, the industry advocacy SIMA provides, and more.


Questions? Please get in touch with us, we'll be happy to assist you.