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2015 Cape Cod Landscape Professional Education Seminar and Trade Show
Friday, November 13, 2015
Resort and Conference Center of Hyannis | Hyannis, MA
9:00am - 4:00pm EST

The Professional Education Seminar and Trade Show is a day of training, networking and hands on learning. A variety of speakers will be featured, including SIMA member and Education Committee Chair Neal Glatt, CSP, ASM of Case Snow Management, who will present two sessions:

Managing Snow in Extreme Weather
The 2014-15 winter season was the worst winter in Boston’s history. How can companies providing snow and ice management services be prepared for extreme winter events? From unprecedented blizzards to heavy ice events to a complete lack of snow, this session will explore how to prepare and manage a snow operation for success. Topics will include operations planning, weather forecasting, managing client expectations, staffing and equipment, and supply chain management.

Record Keeping and Liability in Snow Plowing
Accurate record keeping has never been more important for snow and ice management companies. Getting the correct information from field crews is essential to bill clients, understand profitability, estimate better, and protect contractors from slip and fall liability. In this session, record keeping will be discussed from all aspects including what data to track, how to collect information from the field, what analysis should be performed, and how to use information gathered to help insurance companies combat slip and fall claims to maintain lower premiums.

Each course is worth 2 Certified Snow Professional continuing education credits.
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