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JP Horizons Face-to-Face | November 13, 2014
Signature Landscape | Kansas City, KS

Bill Gordon is one of those old friends of JP Horizons, and the growth and success that Signature Landscape has had over the years is amazing. They have 55 full-time employees with over 155 during peak season. Bill has been committed to Continuous Learning through his involvement in an Industry Peer Group and working with industry experts like Frank Ross and Include Software. Their fleet includes 70 customized vehicles equipped with the latest, most efficient technology, and Bill has been able to develop a management team that allows him to better fill his role as an owner in growing and guiding the business. Their passion and focus is Commercial Landscape Maintenance, and they service apartment communities, home associations and residential community properties. A Face-to-Face event will help all of us to continue to renew our passion for our business and to see what is possible when we commit to growing a business.

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