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JP Horizons Face-to-Face | November 6, 2014
Smith Grounds Management | Indian Trail, NC

Earl Anderson, the General Manager of Smith Grounds Management, has attended several Face-to-Face events over the past couple of years, even coming from North Carolina to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to gain some insights into snow and ice management. He would always thank us for the opportunity to attend a Face-to-Face and say, “We have got to get you to come see Smith Grounds Management.” I had not heard of Smith Grounds, but his persistence caused me to take a trip to Indian Trail, and, WOW, Earl was right! Chip Smith, President, came out of the grocery business and began in 1988 as a one-man, one-mower, and one-truck operation and now services the greater Charlotte area and maintains over 200 properties providing comprehensive landscape management services. Smith Grounds Management may be one of the most organized and structured companies that I have come across. Chip is very willing to give credit to the leadership team that has been assembled and their commitment to training and communicating with their employees. There are a lot of things for all of us to learn and build on from Chip and his team.

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