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Advocating for a better future in snow and ice services

As regulatory and legislative issues grow in importance to the snow and ice industry, we have supported legislation and partnered with allied organizations to advance the business of snow and ice. We are continuing to engage with local, state and federal representatives in order for snow and ice contractors to have a voice at the highest levels of the government in North America.
Meet our advocates
From the left: Mark Adamson, Martin Tirado, CAE, Phill Sexton, CSP, Jim Hornung Jr., CSP, and John O'Connell


Key Issues & News

As small business owners who work during times of severe winter weather, there are potentially many legislative and regulatory issues that affect SIMA members. Through continuous dialogue and interaction with our members, legislative and regulatory entities, the following issues are being actively worked on:

Labor Regulations

SIMA provided written testimony to the New York Department of Labor on proposed regulations affecting “call-in” pay for employees. The proposed regulation would have a major impact on snow and ice service companies since it would require four hours of call-in pay when a shift is canceled less than 72 hours before the start of the shift. SIMA’s comments addressed several concerns, particularly the variable nature of snow and ice management and the increased cost of doing business that this regulation would create. Snow and ice management services are vastly different than businesses such as retail and restaurants. In the winter, our workers are on call at all times to be ready when storms hit.

Success in New York!
This regulation was stopped prior to implementation as it was deemed negative to business growth.
SIMA was noted in the Buffalo News.

Jim Hornung Jr., CSP, of Elbers Landscape Service in Buffalo testified at the New York State Senate Committee on Commerce, Economic Development and Small Business hearing, and several other SIMA member companies submitted written comments to the Department of Labor.

Salt Applicator Certification

Minnesota HF 1502 has been introduced as a Salt Applicator Certification with limited liability protection. Modeled after the program in New Hampshire, salt applicators who undergo training and certification obtain needed liability protection. This legislation would protect the snow and ice service provider and the environment.

Sales Tax on Snow Services

Taxation on snow services comes up in various states as more state governments are looking for new sources of revenue. This is proposed in the budget bill in Connecticut. SIMA’s position is snow services are an unpredictable source of revenue and an emergency service. Collecting sales tax on snow services adds another regulatory burden and expense that gets passed on to property owners.

How to help

How to Help SIMA Advocacy Efforts
Interested in helping SIMA with our advocacy efforts? We would welcome your participation. Please contact Martin Tirado, CAE, SIMA CEO at 414-375-1940 or