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Symposium Speaker Resource Center

Welcome! SIMA is excited to work with you as a speaker for the 19th Annual Snow & Ice Symposium! This web page should provide most of the information you will need to prepare for your session and meet important deadlines.

Preparing for a presentation takes considerable time and planning, so we want to provide the resources you will need to create a successful educational session for conference attendees. During the next couple months we will update this site with new and important information.

Presentation Resources

We appreciate the time you take in preparing for your session or panel discussion. We understand that the small details can become tedious while trying to manage work and life. Because of this we have selected standard AV for all sessions and created PowerPoint templates for you to use so that you don't need to think about those details. 

Audiovisual & Room Set-Up

All speakers must provide their own laptop computer if required for your presentation. Meeting rooms are not supplied with internet. If you need internet for the duration or a segment of your presentation, you must notify SIMA by the AV deadline of May 1st and it must be approved. If you don't need internet during your presentation, you should have your presentation downloaded or on a jump drive before the start of your presentation so you don't rely on the internet for access.

All room sets include the following:

  • Lavaliere microphones for each presenter 
  • Podium, head table, classroom and/or theater style seating
  • Power Point Projector and Screen
  • Panels will no longer be at a head table with table top mics. Instead they will have lav mics and stools at the front of the room.
In your speaker agreement, there was a section to select additional audiovisual needs. If you did so, we have your information on file and will confirm with you. If you have not done so, please fill out the form below.

SIMA was able to increase our space in three of the five session rooms in 2016! All concurrent sessions will be held in Jr. Ballroom, Ballroom B, Ballroom D, 552AB and 551AB. Your room designation will be sent to you by May 16th. Your session times are in your signed agreements and on the Education & Workshops page.

General Session Rooms
General Session Specs

Presentation Tips & Template

SIMA has designed a PowerPoint template to aid in your presentation for the 2016 show. All PowerPoints must be 16:9 ratio. Please remember that PowerPoint is a tool that is intended to support your speech, not serve as its main method of delivery. IF you use PowerPoint, we ask that you use one template in its entirety for your presentation and handouts. If you wish to add your company logo, feel free to do so, but do not remove the SIMA Symposium logo. PRESENTATIONS ARE DUE TO THE SIMA OFFICE NO LATER THAN MONDAY, MAY 30, 2016! If you do not use PowerPoint or other template, such as Prezi, please send your session outline instead or any handouts you want available for download online. 

  • Start brainstorming and writing ideas before creating slides
  • Bullet point your key words
  • Use less text and more imagery
  • Do not use small fonts
  • Do not use acronyms
  • Keep as simple as possible
  • Always check grammar and spellings
Helpful Articles:
Please click to download the following template:

Please note that all presentations slides sizes should be set up as 16:9 ratio due to the projectors we are using. If you use the smaller size, slides will appear skewed.

Speaker Presentation & Handout Distribution Policy

SIMA is committed to improving the environment and taking part in green meeting initiatives; therefore, SIMA staff and volunteers will not copy or distribute speaker handouts at the Symposium.  All speaker handouts submitted will be available on before, during and after the Symposium for attendees to download in PDF format, unless otherwise specified by the presenter. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Kaitlyn Herbst at

Please remember, the promotion or endorsement of particular products or companies is strictly prohibited.