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June 20–23, 2017

Great show! Merci!

Exhibitor FAQs

  • What is the name and address of the facility where the 20th Annual Snow & Ice Sympomsium will be held?

  • How can I reserve a booth for the 20th Annual Snow & Ice Symposium?

  • Who do I contact with booth specific questions?

  • What are the dates and hours of the 2017 trade show?

  • What are the move-in dates, times and dock location?

  • What are the move-out dates and times?

  • Do I have to schedule a move-in time?

  • What is included in the cost of my booth purchase?

  • Do I have to have carpet or other flooring material in my display space?

  • Are there height restrictions for my booth?

  • Where can I access the Rules & Regulations, service order forms and information for the 2017 Snow & Ice Symposium?

  • How many exhibitor badges is my company entitled to and what do they entail?

  • How do I order my exhibitor badges?

  • Do I need proof of liability insurance?

  • Will security be available on a 24-hour basis?

  • How do I safely ship my items across the border?

  • Does SIMA have a customs broker to recommend?

  • As an exhibitor, am I required to include my literature/materials in French?