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June 20–23, 2017

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Attendee Resource Center

Keynote Sessions

The Alliance: Managing Talent in the Networked Age

Ben Casnocha

High Performance, Wellness and Happiness at the Speed of Life

Dr. James Rouse

Pre-Conference Workshops

Sustainable Salt Use Workshop

Connie Fortin, Diana Clonch, Patrick Santoso, Raqib Omer

Parking Deck Operations Workshop

Christopher Brennan

Equipment Safety & Maintenance Best Practices

Steven Juricak, Adam Baker, Chris Borczon, Mark Bradley, Mike Lysecki

Wednesday Sessions

Five Components of a Rock Solid Training Program

Mike Rorie

Producing, Selling and Applying Salt Brine

Ben Arthofer, Eric Hitzfield, Bill Minor, John Parker

How to Gain Competitive Edge with GPS

Matt Deloge, Mike Ogilvie

Leave Your Competition in the Drifts...With Technology in Snow & Ice

Mark Bradley

Winter Worker Injury Prevention: Complexity or Common Sense?

Mary Abbott


Three Processes that Guarantee More Profits and More Free Time

Domenic Chiarella

Liquids - The Next Level

Scott Zorno

Advanced Contractual Issues in Snow & Ice

Darryl Beckman, Neal Glatt

Winning in the Workplace

Leslie Boomer

Safety is The Bottom Line

John Janes

Thursday Sessions

Lessons Learned in 30 Years

Dan Foley

National Salt Efficiency and Environmental Review Panel

Connie Fortin, Raqib Omer, Ted Diers, Chris Navitsky

Principles of Risk Management for Hiring Subcontractors 

Darryl Beckman

Sales & Marketing: Are you Doing it Wrong?

Michael Nelson

Pull Over - You're Arrested for Snow Plowing?

Patrick Donovan

Friday Sessions

Taming the Email Beast: Key Strategies for Managing Your Email Overload

Randy Dean

Salt Purchasing and Inventory Management

Diana Clonch, Jim Hornung, Jr. 

Anatomy of a Slip and Fall

Deb Mattson, Mike Dunn, William Buonauito

Social Media 301

Kent Peddie, Garrett Smith

The CARE Leadership Act

Peter van Stralen

Finding an Extra Hour Every Day: Top Management Tips for Busy Managers and Leaders

Randy Dean

Why Documentation is the Key to Success

Ian Ashby, Andy Barker, Wayne Michalak

Employee Recruiting Case Studies

Alex Riley, Brett Lemcke, Jim Turcan

Using Standardized Terms to Improve Snow Estimating

Mike Mason

Prepping and Maintaining your Equipment for Harsh Winter Work

Andrew Dargatz