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Snow Procurement

Best Practices in Snow Service Procurement: 52-Week Visual Timeline

The Best Practices in Snow Service Procurement Timeline was created to help facilities and property managers, snow service providers, and snow industry suppliers align on a general schedule to streamline the RFP and contract negotiation process to ensure sites are ready before winter begins. The timeline contains:

  • A master timeline that illustrates both sides of the procurement process - one for the buyers and the other for the snow service providers. It visually highlights the best practices for timing of RFPs, contract negotiations, contract awards, and contracted service start/end. It establishes a 52-week cycle of snow procurement, broken down seasonally so that recommendations can be adjusted depending on the geographic area of a site.
  • Separate, more specific timelines for buyers and snow service providers. Each specific timeline comes with best practice recommendations tied to essential elements of the 52-week cycle.
  • A Risk Meter, which highlights the benefits and associated risks tied to the timing of contract award dates.
The timeline is free to anyone, we simply will ask that you provide us a little information so we understand who is utilizing the timeline over time, so we can continuously improve it.

As a non-profit trade association, we value creating standards that are easily accessed, adopted and shared, and managed and improved over time. Our process for creating and organizing the timeline is driven by:

Open Access

The timeline is available to all industry stakeholders, regardless of whether they are members of SIMA.


The timeline was reviewed by a large group of stakeholders with a mandated 1/3rd from the facilities management industry. Other stakeholder groups included snow contractors and industry materials and equipment suppliers.



SIMA is spearheading educational partnerships and communication programs to help all parties adopt the timeline.

Transparency & Quality

The timeline is a living document, and suggestions, recommendations, or concerns can be submitted online at any time. All comments submitted to SIMA will be reviewed and vetted by a group of stakeholders. Recommend edits here.