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Philanthropic Leadership Award | Judge Information
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Thank you for your willingness to judge this wonderful, prestigious industry award!

Instructions for Philanthropic Leadership Award Judges:

This award recognizes the most altruistic and generous of our members who practice social responsibility and humanitarianism. The winner should be a positive role model and encourage other SIMA members to follow their example and give more generously to those most in need. This award will raise money for the non-profit of the winner’s choice in the amount of $1500.

Each applicant designated a non-profit organization of their choice to benefit from their being the recipient of this new award. Please judge based on the applicant’s responses and not the charity receiving a donation. Question res
ponses should reflect involvement and contributions from April 1, 2015 through March 31, 2016.

Next Steps:

  1. Read through the entire judging packet and the Questions our applicants had to answer to familiarize yourself with our judging format.
  2. Read through each applicant's essay responses for each entry.
  3. Considering the questions asked and the responses received, please choose your TOP TWO applicants. 
  4. Rank the TOP TWO in order with the best being #1.
  5. Record your results and comments on the Assessment Pages located in the judges packet.
  6. Submit your results by May 18th, 2016 via email to or fax at 414-375-1945.