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Eligibility and Application Information

The first step in becoming a CSP is to determine eligibility and submit the necessary application materials.

CSP: Eligibility

Section 1: Supervisor/Manager Definition
A supervisor/manager is defined as an individual who manages and is accountable for at least one of the following processes:
  • Billing/financials/accounting
  • Sales/marketing/account management
  • Legal/insurance/subcontractors
  • Operations management
  • Grounds management
  • Facilities/property management professionals (procurement, legal, exterior services/maintenance, account management, sales and marketing etc.)

Section 2: Pre-requirement paths to CSP
CSP applicants can apply to take the exam under one of these 2 options:

Option 1: Direct Snow Management Experience
In the last 5 years, applicant has 3 or more consecutive winter seasons of direct snow-specific experience in the industry as an owner, co-owner, or CEO OR 5 or more consecutive winter seasons of direct snow-specific experience as a supervisor/manager.*
*For supervisor/manager applicants, application must include a written letter from an immediate supervisor outlining the specific functions managed.

Option 2: Snow-Specific Training, Experience, and Education
If an applicant does not fall under Option 1 requirements before testing for the exam, the applicant must have the following:

1. Education credits. 15 hours of SIMA-approved, snow-specific education credits within a 2 year period (prior to application submission). Approved training includes snow-specific courses/workshops/webinars put on by a qualified entity, including local/regional nonprofit associations, consultants, SIMA, etc. To be considered snow-specific, the content should be clearly identified as having a winter or snow/ice management affiliation. All pre-education submissions are subject to an audit and clarification from SIMA before final application is approved. The applicant is responsible for tracking and providing to SIMA the list of training hours, in Microsoft Excel format, with the following information:
  • Name/date of training course/event
  • Name and contact information (email, website, or phone) of training coordinator/entity
  • Number of hours earned
2. Employment. At least 2 consecutive winter seasons as a supervisor/manager in any industry-affiliated organization.

3. Post-secondary education degree OR relevant certification. Applicants must have one of the following:
  • Associate's, Bachelor’s, Master’s, or technical degree in any field. Applicants must submit transcripts or copy of degree earned.
  • Certification. Exists as a currently certified individual, in which the certification meets the following requirements:
    • Certification program has published pre-requisites, required continuing educational credits, and an appeals process in place.
    • A minimum of 50% of the certification outcomes must be tied to any combination of general business management, marketing/sales, legal, financial, or leadership.
    • Applicant has been certified in good standing for 3 or more consecutive years from the date of submitting CSP application.
    • To apply under this option, the applicant is responsible for providing to SIMA a word document with the certification, certification description, certifying body, and date the certification was earned.

4. Reference Letter. Supervisor/manager applicants must include a letter from an immediate supervisor outlining the specific functions managed.

Please note, applicants will not be able to sign up for an exam until all application items have been submitted and approved.

CSP: Application and Registration

Applicants must submit 3 things before they can register for an exam date:

1. Completed application (download here)
2. Applicable reference, education credits, and proof of post-secondary education degree (See eligibility section above - a reference letter is required for supervisor/manager candidates applying under option 1. A reference letter, education credits, and proof of post-secondary education degree or relevant certification are required for anyone applying under option 2).
3. Test registration fees (see fees section below).

SIMA will notify applicants of approval once all the above items are received. Applicants will then receive an email prompting them to schedule an exam on a date at a testing center of their choice (see Testing Specifics & Information).

SIMA requires that an initial test be taken within 6 months of application date. If no test has been taken after 6 months, application fees may be reassessed and the entire application process re-submitted before another 6 month period begins.

CSP: Fees

All application fees must be paid before taking the exam. Please mail in your fees with the application information, or call the SIMA office at 414-375-1940 to pay with a credit card over the phone.

For SIMA Members the fee is $350. (Retake fee is $150)
For Non-members, the fee is $500. (Retake fee is $200)

The application fee includes sitting for the exam, fees/expenses associated with giving/proctoring/correcting the exam, costs of notification of pass/fail, an official certification certificate & marketing kit upon successful passing of the exam.