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Serious about snow

SIMA takes training seriously. We work to provide the best selection of training and the best quality education possible each year. This includes:

Best Practices
Download the official Best Practices Checklist for free, then access numerous Best Practices sessions online at to align with the industry's best.

Professional Credentials
For owners and executives: The standard for professionalism and excellence - Become a Certified Snow Professional.

For operations managers and personnel: The Advanced Snow Management program represents four individualized certificate courses online, if all four are achieved an individual earns the Advanced Snow Manager training credential.

On-demand access
The Resource 24/7 Training Center at provides over 40 training documents, on-demand webinars, and specialized courses. Get the training you need, when it is convenient for you.

Peer-to-peer education
SIMA is involved with numerous in-person educational events annually. Check out the Snow & Ice Symposium, our signature event, or see what's coming up on our Calendar of Events.
Relevant content
Training and education doesn't just mean formal courses to us. We also deliver high-quality relevant contact for snow professionals via Snow Business magazine and our website.