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Seven complete training packages are now available! 

Video kits include: one (1) DVD containing the training video and one (1) CD containing electronic workbooks and training assessments, answer key, instructor guidelines and sign off sheet.

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Video 101 | Basic Snowplowing Techniques

This video is designed to introduce snowplow operators to basic snowplowing principles and general techniques

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Video 102 | Basic Sidewalk Clearing with Snow Blowers

This video is designed to give your employees the basic tips for clearing sidewalks with snow blowers; it also give experienced skid steer operators a few tips of their own.

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Video 103: Intermediate Snowplowing

The video concentrates on commercial snow removal operations.  It assumes the operator has received basic training, knows safety issues and has experience in clearing driveways and other properties.

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Video 104: Basic Principles for Ice Control

This video will provide the operator with an overview of some of the available products on the market that are used for ice control as well as their intended use and application through various types of equipment.

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Video 105: Using Containment Plows

This video focuses on recommended use of containment plows.  The video provides valuable training and advice for owners and operators.  This comprehensive look at containment plos covers safety, practical & strategic operations.

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Video 106: Skid Steer Loaders in the Snow & Ice Industry

This video will appeal to supervisors, operators and estimators covering a wide range of topics which include Site Application, Attachments, Techniques, Safety, Training and Preventive Maintenance.  Can be used as a recap or for beginners!

Video 107: 365 Degrees of Snow & Ice Management

This video focuses on the most important business, management, training, and operational aspects of running a professional snow removal service taking a year-round perspective.  With content from real contractors, this video and interactive tool kit covers pre-season, in-season, and post-season issues.

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